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Henckels Japanese 6.5” Nakiri
Henckels Japanese 6.5” Nakiri
Henckels Japanese 6.5” Nakiri
Henckels Japanese 6.5” Nakiri

    Henckels Japanese 6.5” Nakiri

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    A traditional alternative to larger, Western-style knives, this Japanese-style vegetable cleaver features a unique blade shape that’s great for slicing and dicing vegetables, mincing herbs and cutting fruit or cheese. The product of a revolutionary hardening process, Miyabi Evolution’s exceptional steel is honed to a razor-sharp edge that’s easy to maintain. Ergonomic handles, precision balance and rounded spines provide outstanding comfort and control.

      • Designed to exacting standards, Evolution melds expert artistry with groundbreaking technology
      • Revolutionary FC61 steel pairs fine-carbide distribution with a Rockwell hardness of 61 for excellent edge strength and retention
      • Blade holds an incredible sharp angle, yet is extremely durable, with no risk of chipping under normal use
      • Double Friodur hardening improves the microstructure of the steel for exceptional cutting performance, corrosion resistance and rock-solid durability
      • Each forged, full-tang knife is touched by 46 artisans and honed by hand via three-step dry sharpening to a screaming-sharp 22 to 24 degrees
      • Blades are polished to a mirror finish and feature sand-blasted katana edges
      • Triple-riveted handles feature striking red spacers and are individually weight adjusted for perfect balance
      • Comfort-oriented features such as a rounded spine, bolster and heel reduce cutting fatigue and make the knife easy to hold in either an Eastern- or Western-style grip
      • Manufacturer: Zwilling J.A. Henckels
      • Material: High-carbon stainless steel, polymer (POM)
      • Dimensions: 7" blade; 14.5" overall length

    Made in: Japan