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Professional German 1.4116 Steel Kitchen Knives Series



  • 7inch nakiri knife
  • 7inch santoku knife
  • 8inch chef knife
  • 8inch bread knife
  • 8inch slicing knife
  • 5inch Utility Knife
  • 3.5inch Paring knife

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  • Super high quality, professional kitchen knives collection.
  • Designed for professionals (chefs, culinary experts, food caterers) as well as home kitchens alike.
  • Crafted by quality German 1.4116 steel in 2.5 mm thickness,full-tang, double riveted handle, these kitchen knives are very strong and can be used in hard tasks while maintaining functionality for a very long time. The steel contains 0.6%-0.75% carbon for more strength and durability (HRc56 compared to normal HRc52), as well as better cutting force and longer edge retention.
  • The Blades are 2.5 mm thick with a full tang structure and double riveted Pakka wood handles.
  • No Teflon, no chrome coated, these knives are totally high temperature cast iron which is safe and healthy to cut fruits. Its excellent non-stick performance comes from carefully brushed treated on the iron face.
  • Sharp cutting edge 8~15° and holds good edge retention.

7 Inch Nakiri Knife - Ultra sharp and well balanced

The perfect knife for cutting thin slices, this ultra sharp 7'' vegetable cleaver Nakiri is an easy knife to control even for novice users.

Knife Length-12" / 305 mm
Blade Length-7" / 178 mm
Blade Thickness-2.2 mm
Blade Width-50 mm
Net Weight: 250 g

8 Inch All purpose Chef's Knife

Multi-functional and easy to use. Its classic shape make it quite easy to use. For multipurpose including cutting, chopping, dicing and slicing cooked or raw food. The blade with proper width is also ideal for removing flesh off bones as well as pounding / smashing garlic.

Knife Length-13"/330 mm
Blade Length-8"/203 mm
Blade Thickness-2 mm
Blade Width-45 mm
Net Weight: 187 g

7" Santoku Knife - Ultra Sharp 8 Degree Beveled 


You won't be disappointed if you like sharp knives. This Santoku knife cuts through everything with ease. It has a 8° (normally 15°) beveled blade which is extremely sharp.The razor treated cutting edge added extra sharpness. A good Santoku knife must be thin and delicate for handling small tasks like dicing small cubes, cutting thin slice or peeling the skin of cucumber. Our Santoku is guaranteed to satisfy the needs of every professional chef.

Knife Length- 12" / 305 mm
Blade Length- 7" / 178 mm
Blade Thickness- 2.2 mm
Blade Width- 45 mm
Net  Weight: 207 g

8 inch Professional Serrated Teeth Bread Knife

A Healthy 8 inch serrated bread knife for roast, cake, bread or sandwich

The teeth of this kitchen tool handle well especially cakes and bread with crispy skin and soft inner. It is sharp to cut into hard and crispy skin without destroying the delicate soft inner. 

Knife Length- 13" / 330 mm
Blade Length- 8" / 203 mm
Blade Thickness- 2 mm
Blade Width- 30 mm
Net Weight: 181 g

8 Inch Slicing & Carving Knife

Good at slicing roasts, ham, turkey, carving ribs, trimming fat as well as cutting raw or cooked vegetables and meats, this 8 inch slicing and carving knife has an ultra sharp full cutting edge and strong blade to handle various tasks.

Knife Length- 13" / 330 mm
Blade Length- 8" / 203 mm
Blade Thickness- 2 mm 
Blade Width- 30 mm
Weight: 173 g

5 Inch Small Kitchen Utility Knife

Designed for cutting medium size vegetables, fruits, sandwiches, trimming fat and handling delicate meat, etc. This handy 5'' small chef knife has an ultra sharp full cutting edge and strong blade to handle various tasks.

Knife Length- 9.5" / 241 mm
Blade Length- 5" / 127 mm
Blade Thickness- 1.8 mm 
Blade Width- 25 mm
Net Weight: 110 g

3.5" Delicate Paring Knife

A Handy paring, peeling, deveining tool

Designed for paring, peeling, cleaning shrimps and sea food, removing seeds, vegetable carving and cutting small pieces etc. This delicate 3.5'' paring knife has an ultra sharp full cutting edge and strong blade to handle fruits with hard or soft skin.

Knife Length- 8" / 203 mm
Blade Length- 3.5" / 89 mm
Blade Thickness- 1.8mm
Blade Width- 25 mm
Net Weight: 103 g


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