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Smooth Balanced Base 14" Cast Iron Seasoned Wok with Wide Handles, Black


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Smooth Balanced Base 14" Cast Iron Seasoned Wok with Wide Handles, Black

The perfect balance between tradition & innovation. You can feel the difference when you hold your wok - the wider handles make it easier to manipulate, while the wide curved base gives you stability while stir-frying. This cast iron wok provides superior heat retention and allows for even heating throughout, ensuring food is properly cooked. Best of all, the modern rustic design makes it the perfect centerpiece, straight from stove or oven to table. 

  • ✔️Better Performance. Curved wide base for even heating, tested and built for stability (smooth base, no cylinder needed for stability). This traditional cast iron wok has greater retention and distribution of heat. Double-loop handles for easy handling.
  • ✔️High-quality commercial iron casting for durability excellent heat retention. Made in Colombia using European cast iron machinery. Suitable for cooking in: induction, ceramic, campfire, grill, broiler and oven.
  • ✔️Ready-to-use seasoning: 100% non-GMO flax-seed oil seasoned coating. Does not contain PTFE and foes that can be harmful to your health. Flax-seed oil is a vegetable oil, Perfect natural easy-release seasoning that gets even better with time.
  • ✔️Healthy for you. Trace amounts of iron are naturally released when cooking with seasoned cast iron, boosting the mineral in your diet.
  • ✔️Versatile. This wok pan can be used for serving, cooking, baking, grilling, and oven-to-table. Multi-use, perfect for stir-frying meats and vegetables, Also great for steaming. Fits all kitchen and camping needs.

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