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Short ribs are the ultimate meat lovers cut, with their hunks of rich meat on the bone, looking primal and carnivore ready. They are an amazing main dish, which is exceptionally easy and forgiving to cook under their sleek caps of fat, melting into tender chunks of pull-apart beef in the oven.

by Toros Cookware on September 09, 2020

Traditionally called Picanha in Brazil and other Latin American countries, this prized cut of meat...

by Toros Cookware on August 31, 2020

While it’s true that T-bones and porterhouses are cut from the same section of the cattle, the short loin, and both hold the same kinds of meat, the NY strip and the tenderloin filet, the USDA has strict rules about how much meat belongs on a porterhouse or T-bone.

by Toros Cookware on July 31, 2020

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