Welcome to Toros Cookware, your go-to place for all your Cooking desires. We are a one-stop destination for specialty cookware, baking tools, kitchen knives, grill accessories, cutlery, tableware, storage, coffee or tea.

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In The past decade we have been serving chef's and professional cooks from  Leading Hotels, Restaurants & Catering Services, providing our clients with top quality professional equipment & kitchen Supplies from the best suppliers in world.

We are driven by two Passions. The First is our passion for Food and Fine Cuisine. The Second is our passion for providing our valued customers with an exceptional cooking experience, bringing together the best Kitchen tools with rich content & Recipes from around the world.

We understand the importance of the kitchen and know that it is the heart of every home, the life-wire and the very place where a house is turned to a home.

We believe that cooking is a labor of love, and we also believe that food is fun. You too can start living out your love for food; we’ll ensure that you have the right tools to live out your passion.

This is why we have dedicated our lives to equipping kitchens, carefully matching each piece of appliance and equipment to its owner, turning every kitchen that we touch into a warm, family place.

Any time you visit Toros, we’ll make sure that you have access to an unrivaled selection of specially selected items for your cooking, baking and entertainment pleasure.

Whether you are an amateur cook or a professional chef, you’ll find all you need at Toros Cookware & Kitchen Store.

This selection will be presented to you by a friendly and well-trained staff member whose job is to ensure that you leave our store smiling. This is our solemn promise.

Welcome to Toros. Welcome to a world of unsurpassed cooking experience.