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    7" Japanese Tanto Point Damascus VG10 Santoku Chef's Knife Carved Leather Sheath

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    The Tanto blade was invented, developed, and popularized in the late 1970s and early 1980s by the company Cold Steel, inspired by the famed Japanese craftsmanship and design. The blade is known for its great power and strength, quality pommel, and useful points. These elements all combine to contribute to the Tanto blade’s overall functionality and durability.

    • Strength – Its strength is perhaps the most prominent advantage of a Tanto blade over other types of blades. Each Tanto knife is designed with a high point, as well as a flat grind. This particular design structure makes for a very powerful tool that has the capability to puncture even very hard materials. The reinforced blade also makes it possible to use the knife for puncturing objects continuously without encountering problems such as snapping of the blade. Its quality also does not easily deteriorate with wear and tear even with frequent use.
    • Chisel Blade Point – The Tanto knife’s blade point has a style similar to that of a chisel that gives the blade more power and durability compared to other types of blade points.
    • Japanese Design – The blade is inspired by the design of Japanese blades, The Tanto blade comes with a blade point that is aligned perfectly with its spine. The influence of ancient Japanese design and craftsmanship also lends a somewhat aesthetic historical appeal to the modern Tanto blade.
    • Pommel – The Tanto’s pommel is made from steel, and is tapered. By using a small number of materials, it is specifically designed to provide the capability to absorb the impact coming from heavy strikes.
    • Sharpening – Tanto blades are easy to sharpen and most of these blades have secondary bevels just like most other knife designs. 

    Knife Specifications:

    • Total Length: 31 cm / 12 inch
    • Handle length: 13.3 cm / 5.3 inch
    • Blade Length: 17.7 cm / 7 inch
    • Blade Width: 5.2 cm / 2 inch
    • Thickness: 2.5 mm / 0.09 inch
    • Hardness: 58-60 HRC
    • Blade Materials: High grade Damascus Laminated Steel VG10 Core. Non Corrosive Lone Blade.
    • Handle Materials: Stabilizing Wood, G10 Brass Carved with Red Cattle Bone
    • Knife Sheath:  Hand Carved Suture Tanned Skin 
    • Packaging: Gift Box