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7 inch Swedish Powder Handcrafted Premium Damasteel Chef's knife With Natural Sandalwood handle


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7 inch Swedish Powder Handcrafted (One of a Kind) Premium Damasteel Chef's knife With Natural Sandalwood handle.

This extraordinary knife is 100% one of a kind handcrafted from the finest materials. As such, these unique knives are not available for mass production and each piece will have its own unique characteristics. Absolute function combined with beautiful design gives this knife almost mystical properties. 

Damasteel is a modern, trademarked as well as patented powder steel process of making Damascus steel. Damasteel (also the name of the company) is located in Söderfors, Sweden, a village with a long history of forging Damascus steel. In fact, the steel industry began in Söderfors in 1676! The process of creating Damasteel was developed in 1992 and this relatively new process takes the traditional forging process of Damascus steel to the next level by using powder metallurgical steel manufacturing.

A benefit of the particle metal process, the Damasteel includes less impurities and will contain far less inclusions than traditional Damascus steel. The patterning of Damasteel has somewhat of a different look from traditional Damascus and the resulting visual patterns/styles is distinctive.

Why Damasteel:

– Excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance
– Superior edge sharpness and cutting ability
– Incomparable toughness and strength
– Solid steel technology resulting in a homogeneous product.
– Highest cleanliness with no inclusion
– Top quality and easy to work with ensures perfect result
– Best overall performing stainless Damascus patterned steel.

The Blade

Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen one piece at a time. Made of original Damasteel high carbon Swedish powder. 
An ultra sharp 9-11 degrees Japanese V-shaped blade.
Water Mill Way - Circular grinding of the knife blade creates a natural non stick effect that prevents food from sticking to knife surface.
Vacuum heat treatment and -80 degree cryogenic treatment strengthen the hardness of the blade and makes it rust resistance. Japanese Grinding wheel makes our knife edge more delicate, and the "Drop pouring Water Edging" extends the life span of the knife edge 2-3 times longer than traditional edged knives.
Polished with sand blast treatment makes the knife surface clear and shiny.
The spine of the blade is hand polished and reveals a the unique Damascus pattern of this amazing knife.

The Handle:

Handcrafted from natural premium Ebony handle.
Ebony is a dense black/brown hardwood, it is dense enough to sink in water. It is finely-textured and has a mirror finish when polished.
Special Ergonomic design, the streamline knife and the tapered bolster provides the perfect grip. 
A Very well balanced knife, with superior hand control, agility and comfort. Non-slip grip.

About This Knife:

Blade Material: High quality Swedish Powder Damascus Steel
Blade Length:  180MM (7”)  (double-bevel left and right edge)
Handle Material: Natural premium sandalwood handle (Delicate color and grave natural form based. High corrosion resistance and durability)
Hardness Rockwell C scale: 61-63 HRC
Cutting force: (6.0-8.0N).



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